The Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation's aim:

  • This foundation has been started with the intention to support elderly, disabled and sick people in the Tibetan community.
  • Nyingjay-Yul like to provide these people with medical support, medical treatments and medical aid, as walking sticks, wheel-chairs, crutches, sitting toilets, hearingaids, prosthesis,etc.
  • Nyingjay-Yul want to give personal care and attention.
  • Nyingjay-Yul would rather like to reach the individual than to give money to an organization.
  • Nyingjay-Yul like to develop personal relationship and give support on personal level.

Many people in Dharamsala’sJampaling Elderly Peoples’ Home and elsewhere have benefited from the help rendered by Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation. Many of these people have received medical help and aids in form of wheelchairs, folding toilets, crutches, prosthesis, hearing aids, etc. and for most of them it was nothing less than a blessing and miracle. They are all very grateful and wish to pay their heartfelt gratitude to the foundation and it's sponsors. I am also very enthusiastic and hopeful about the foundation’s aim to cover other Tibetan settlements, where this kind of medical care and help is most needed. Me, on behalf of all these people, would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all those people, who are or were involved in the running of Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation for their humanitarian help and services. I also offer my prayers for the success of the foundation.

Dorjee Tsering,Dharamsala