Nying Jay Yul Foundation provides B.K. prosthesis, moulded A.K. Caliper and spinal L.S. braces to the needy people in Tibetan settlements all over India. Most of the patients we care for are victims of polio and other physical disabilities (also by accidents). It is by words of mouth that people know of our foundation and contact us. We first contact the individual needing our help and later meet or talk their parents. We also ask for a supporting letter from concerned settlements officer, regarding the nature of help they need as their financial status. This information helps us to get discount for their treatment and medical equipments. After this formality, we take the patient to the hospital and individually study his case and decide what the best option for them would be.

The patients come to Delhi either by bus or Train and have appointment with orthopacdic doctor. Then we go to prosthesis Manufacturer, take Measurement and try to see that it Fits comfartably. We try to do all these in two day.

We try our best to provide prosthesis and caliper that would fit the patient physically and make him comfortable – so he (she) will have no problem using it for at least four years before it needs to be replaced. Besides providing these things, free of cost, we also provide fooding, lodging and travelling expense for them.

Up to these days, we have been able to help twelve patients, making their lives much easier and happier - not only for themselves, but also for their families.

Nying Jay Yul Foundation bears all the expenses. For this, we are deeply grateful to many friends in USA, England and Europe, who supported us whole heartedly and most generously during all those years.

Nying Jay Yul Foundation wishes to extend special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Chris from London for sponsoring 10 disable persons with their travelling, lodging and daily expenses during the 2012 Kalachakra. He also most graciously sponsored replacement of prosthesis for 2 patients and also accepted to help Mr. Tsewang’s operation which had to be postponed till next year due to his poor health. Thank you very much again for all your support and help.

Eye Camp

Nying Jay Yul Foundation based in Dharamsala organises free eye check up camps and free distribution of eye glasses to old and needy Tibetan people in different Tibetan settlements all over India. We work under the guidance of home dept. of Tibetan government in exile, seeking permission and support to hold camps in Tibetan settlements.

For the camps, we arrange our own team of doctors, mostly from Chandigarh. Lenses are cheap in India - whereas frames are quite expensive. So, we depend on kind donation from several sources in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Slovakia for the frames. We buy the lenses in India and fit them in frames for free distribution. We also undertake free hearing test simultaneously and provide hearing aids to needy people.

Further, we provide solar and interior heating systems, blankets and medicine aids to old aged homes, depending on the need of the people living there. Nying Jay Yul Foundation has been serving to old and needy people for four years. Our work and service is appreciated by all people, we came across during these four years of services.