The Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation

Giving Kindness and Care

Nyingjay-Yul means land of compassion or place of compassion. The foundation Nyingjay-Yul has been established to take care specially of invalid and sick people.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation is based in Dharamsala and organises free eye check-up camps and free distribution of eye glasses to old and needy Tibetanpeople in different Tibetan settlements all over India. We work under the guidance of home departmentof Tibetan government in exile, seeking permission and support to hold camps in Tibetan settlements.

For the camps, we arrange our own team of doctors, mostly from Chandigarh. Lenses are cheap in India - whereas frames are quite expensive. So, we depend on kind donation from several sources in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and England for the frames. We buy the lenses in India and fit them in frames for free distribution. We also undertake free audiometrysimultaneously and provide hearing aid devices to people who need it.

We would like to thank Dr. med. U. Keller, Switzerland for collecting money on her 80th birthday-celebration and her generous donation to the Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation. Without her generous help, Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation couldn’t have offered a free eye-operation for the people of Spiti Valley.


Further, we provide solar and interior heating systems, blankets and medicine aids to old-age homes, depending on the need of the people living there. Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation has been serving to old and needy people for more than four years. Our work and service is appreciated by the people we came across during thistime.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation also provides B.K. prosthesis, moulded A.K. Calliper and spinal L.S. braces to challenged people in Tibetan settlements all over India. Most of the clients we care for are victims of polio and other physical disabilities by birth as by accidents. It is by words of mouth that people know of our foundation and contact us. We contact the client and later meet his/her parents (if the client is a child or a youngster). We ask for a supporting letter from concerned settlements officer, regarding the nature of help the client needs as the financial status of the family. This information helps us to get discount for the treatment and medical equipment’s. After this formality, we take the client to the hospital and study his/herindividual case there, trying to find out the best option for them. We give our best to provide prosthesis and calliper that would fit the client physically and make his/her lifemore comfortable – so he/she will have no problem using it for at least four years before it needs to be replaced. Besides providing these medical additives, free of cost, we also provide food, lodging and travelling expenses for them.

Up to these days, we have been able to help more than a dozenkids and adults in making their lives easier - not only for themselves, but also for their families.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation bear all the expenses. Therefore, we are deeply grateful to our many friends in USA, England and Europe, who supported us whole heartedly and most generously during all those years.

Dorjee Tsering

I'm Dorjee Tsering, born in 1963 in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. My parents came from Tibet to India in 1959, when Tibet was occupied by the Chinese. At that time my parents and many other Tibetans were working in road construction in Kullu-Manali Highway Road and I was born during that critical period with polio disease. Since my childhood one leg is completely paralyzed. My parents had 13 children but none of them survived except me. In the meantime my mother passed away and my father admitted me to the Tibetan Children's Village School (TCV) because he couldn't look after me. After the road work was over, my father moved towards the South of India to live in the Tibetan Settlement Hunsur of agricultural farming. Then after a few years my father also passed away due to the unconditional heat.

This is group photo of handicapped students at TCV Dharamsala in late 1980s. We were all taken care of by French Dr. Basthani.

While I was in TCV School, I passed up to 10th grade class and then joined in TCV Handicraft Centre for Tailoring Course for almost four years. After that I served in TCV School, Bylakuppe in South India for four years as a staff member.

In 1992 I served at the Tibetan Settlement in Nepal (Pokhara) as a Tailoring Training Instructor for one year, helping disabled Tibetan boys and girls.

In 1993, from the Tibetan Govt. in Exile Home Department's Project, I was sent to Tezu Tibetan Settlement of Arunachal Pradesh as a Tailoring Instructor for two years for helping unemployed Tibetans.

Then from 1995 to '97 I was, for the same project and the same purpose, employed by the Tibetan in-exile government of Planning Council in Bangalore city.

From 1997 to '99, I was sent by the Tibetan in-exile govt. of Planning Council for the same purpose to the Tibetan Settlement in Hunsur, South India.

In 2001-'02, I studied in Chandigarh fashion and costume designing at the National Institute of Fashion Design for two years. After finishing my course, I settled in Dharamsala, working in different organisations, private and especially at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Art making Opera costumes, Buddhist costumes and Historical Documentary Films.

As from my aims and dreams a long time ago, I was able to establish Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation in 2009 in collaboration with Bridging East-West (Brücke Ost-West) of Austria,to help poor, needy, old aged and disabled people. I had that dreamto relieve elderly and disabled persons, since I could not help my parents. I organize and run this foundation to improve the conditions of other disabled persons, for health, better self-confident and for sharing love and compassion.

This project has been running for almost three years now, and I’m happyabout what we achieved. Many people appreciate it and hope,weshallcontinue, what we like to do.

I wish to thank those who donated and supported me for all this time, and I hope they will continue to help attain the foundation's aim.

For the Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation,
Dorjee Tsering

Dorjee Tsering, (Designer)
House No. 600, TIPA Road,
P.O. McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala,
H.P. India.176219 (Pin Code: 176219)



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