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thupten-tsepa-monk-tibetan-text Thupten Tsepakis a 16 year old monk of Zongkar Choeden Monasteryin the Tibetan settlement of Hunsur, South-India. His birth place is in Arunachal Pradesh in a humble family with six siblings.He is the second youngest in his family.

When Thupten Tsepak was around 10 years old, playing with his friends, he was electrocuted. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital and was confirmed in having severely burned his right hand. He has been operated then.

Ven. Thupten Jimpa,head in chargeof Zongkar Choeden Monastery took Thupten Tsepak as his student considering his disability. He describes Thupten Tsepak as a shy intimidated young monk, avoiding social interaction due to his disability.

Ven. Thupten Jimpala has sent a request letter from Zongkar Choeden Monasteryto Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation asking our help for an artificial hand forthis young monk.

After two long years of extensive research and survey, Mr. Dorjee Tseringfoundthe Ottobock Company, a German-Indian Company that provides prosthetic limbs of high quality.

All together, we decided to get an artificial hand of Ottobock Company for Thupten Tsepak.

In autumn 2014, Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation had to give an advance payment to Ottobock Center in Chandigarh to make an order of an artificial hand made in Germany.

This artificial right hand, we received inMarch 2015, was tested and adapted to the monk Thupten Tsepak during two days. He gota short therapy and instruction for exercise, as it was the first time for Thupten Tsepak to use an artificial hand.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation covered all costs and expenses of the monk Thupten Tsepak, including travel,lodging, food and the Ottobock bill for the artificial hand.

Nyingjay-Yul-foundation expressesitssincere thanks to all the doctors andstaff-members of OttobockCompany in Chandigarh for their qualified service, support and on-time-delivery.

Ven. Thupten Jimpa, head of administration office of ZongkarChoedenMonastery, and all the concerned monks at Zongkar ChoedenMonasterywere very happy with the success of monk Thupten Tsepaks artificial right hand. All of them have expressed their respect and thanks to Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation.



sonam-youdon-tibetan-text Tibetan Ama Sonam Youdon is a 76 year old lady, staying in Bandara Norgjaeling Tibetan Settlement near Nagpur. She is the mother of Tsering Paldon, a music teacher working in TIPA. The low salary and quite a large number of children doesn’t allow Mrs. Tsering Paldon to spend a lot of money for extra costs. That’s why she sent a request letter for financial help to Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation, writing that her mother was suffering of bad eyes which would cause her blindness in near future.

Ama Sonam Youdon has already had a Cataract-operation on her right eye in Kangra hospital with the help of her Swiss cousin in 2013. She asked Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation to get support for the treatment of her left eye.

On 4th March 2015, Mr. Dorjee Tsering from Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation could accompany Tibetan Ama Sonam Youdon to Mela Mal eye-hospital Palampur to have her left eye operated. This Cataract operation was very successful. But during the following control the eye-doctor found some damage in her left eye which should be operated again.

Since the doctors of Mela Mal Rotary eye- hospital Palampur have shown big concern about Ama las current health (specially of her heart) and because this next operation would take around 3 hours, there is no further operation planed at the moment. The senior eye doctor advised our patient to have checked and treated her heart first.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation is waiting for the heart report before extending further help to Tibetan Ama Sonam Youdon la (the treatment of her left eye).

So far, Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation has covered all expenses during her treatment in Mela Mal Rotary eye-hospital Palampur, which was the operation fees, travel-, lodging- and food-cost.


Dear Ingrid,

I am writing this mail on behalf of Mrs.Sonam Youdon, my mother, a 76 year old widow from Norgayling Tibetan settlement,resident of House Number 36, Camp No.1. For past few years she has cataract problem and as of now urgently need operation for both her eyes. Few years back, with your help, she had a operation of her right eye. But due to some problem there is a small lump on her right eye. As of now she needs urgent operation of both her eyes.

I request Nyingjeyul Foundation to help her financially in carrying forward this much needed eye operation.

Thank you,

With warmest regard,
Tsering Paldon,


In June 2014 Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation has organized another eye-camp at Tabo and Kaza in Spiti Valley, a very remote area in the Himalaya of North-India (district Lahore, state Himachal Pradesh).

The goals of this eye-project were to help local people with eye problems, to offer examination and check for possible patients who would need an eye operation urgently. This time, we were also able to offer and organize eye-operations at an eye-hospital in Palampur/H.P. Until now the medical facilities in Spiti Valley is very poor, and many of the people have a very low living standard.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation has hired an eye doctor from Delek Hospital and was very lucky, when a foreign traveler offered to work voluntarily for the eye-camp.

In June 2014, the route from Manali to Spiti Valley was blocked due to heavy snow fall. Therefore, the team of Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation had to travel from Dharamshala to Shimla, Rampur and Rekongpeo to reach Tabo, Spiti Valley from the south. At Rekongpeo, all of us had to take a special travel permit because this area is near to the Indian-Tibetan border. That route prolonged our traveling distance around 200 kilometers.

On 21st June 2014, our first eye-camp was hold at Serkong public school, Tabo with one eye-doctor, three local volunteers from Girls Hostel in Kaza, one foreign volunteer and two members of Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation. Around 350 students from Serkong School had their eyes checked.

On 22nd June 2014, we continued the camp for the public - around 100 local people around Tabo had their eyes checked.

On 23rd June 2014, our second eye-camp was hold at Girls Hostel in Kaza (the main city of Spiti) for both, local people and students of Government school. About 100 local people and 150 students had their eyes checked.

On 24th June 2014, we made around 60 new high powered eye glasses. At the same day some of the new eye glasses were distributed together with our sunglasses and readymade eye glasses, which we brought from Switzerland.

On 25th June 2014, we went to Kee-Old-Aged Home like last year and made a special eye check for 12 old aged people who would eventually need an eye-operation.

During our three days camp, we found 9 possibly patients who would need an eye-operation. We also checked their heart and blood pressure. Dr. Tsering Norbu choosed four younger patients who would be fit for an eye-operation and for the long trip to the eye-hospital. After a long communication with their family members, two patients agreed to have their eye(s) operated in Mela Mal Rotary eye-hospital in Palampur: one man from Tabo and one woman from Kaza.

In October 2014, Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation made an appointment with the woman of Kaza, Spiti Ama Sonam Dolma, aged 57 and belonging to a very poor family.

Ama Sonam Dolma came all the way from Spiti together with one of her sons to Manali. There Mr. Dorjee Tsering awaited her and took her to a Hotel in Dharamsala and next day to Mela Mel Rotary eye Hospital, Palampur. Mr. Dorjee Tsering looked after her after the operation in the Mela Mal Rotary eye Hospital. The operation was very successful and Spiti Ama Sonam Dolma could go back to Manali and Spiti few days after the operation.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation made full payment for the eye-operation (the hospital fees included) as well as for the travel expenses, the lodging and the food expenses of both, mother and son.

Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation is very happy to express its sincerest thank to Dr. med. U. Keller, Switzerland for her collection of money during her 80th birthday-celebration and her generous donation to Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation. Without her generous help, Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation couldn’t have offered a free eye-operation for the people of Spiti Valley.

We also like to thank Mr. Tsering Norbu, who communicated with the responsible persons of Tabo, Kaza and the Kee-Old Aged Home during our free eye-camp in Spiti Valley 2014 and for the eye-operation in October 2014. And we also like to thank Ingrid for collecting and transporting a large number of sunglasses and reading glasses.


Eye-Camp Spiti Valley 2013

End of July until beginning of August 2013, we did a project in Spiti-valley. We intended to check the eyes of as much people as possible and, if necessary, individual adapted glasses as well.
To know more about our eye-camp-process, please read our daily log:

Sunday, 28.07.13, 1st day of Eye-Camp:
Kachen Dugyal Memorial Old Aged Home, Kee Village

About 30 old aged people live in the Old Aged Home of Kachen Dugyal Memorial Society Old Aged and Handicapped Home. When we arrive, about 20 people are waiting in the Meditation Hall, chanting and turning the OM Mani Pad Me Wheel.

First, we distribute new Walking Sticks to those who need it. Then, theophthalmologist starts with the eye checking of the old aged and later to the other village people - mostly farmers - as well as to the monks of Kye Gompa (Kee Gompa).

There were more than 100 people having their eyes checked. Always more people were coming after work. We finish this day work at about 8 pm. It’s been a long day!

Monday, 29.07.13: 2ndday of Eye-Camp
Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel, Kaza

In the garden of Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel in the main-town of Spiti, an open tent is set under the ‘teeth-trees’ (willow trees).

We start about 9am to setup the eye-machines as well as our ‘Lensometer’, all the different glasses, frames and walking sticks.

The people have to register and they get numbers. They wait in the shadow of the willow trees until the number is been called out. Their eyes are checked by our eye-doctor. With his checking-results they are sent to Dorjee Tsering la, who is giving them glasses according to the recipe.

In the meanwhile, Ingrid and her two assistants Yangzom and Tsering, scholars of the ‘Girls Hostel’, are checking the rest of glasses (collected in Switzerland) with the Lensometer. They bring the so checked glasses to Angmo, another scholar of the Girls Hostel, who is sorting them in.

Tuesday, 30.07.13: 3rdday of Eye-Camp
Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel, Kaza

The second day in the garden of Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel is even busier than the day before. This time, the people are waiting inside the tent, one after another in a big line. It’s quite warm. During lunch time, food is given by the hostel-ama and the students. They serve the people from big pots of rice and dal; all seem to be relaxed and happy. Dorjee Tsering, our eye-doctor, as well as their helpers are working very busy the whole day until late evening. Because there is a teaching of H.H. Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, son of H.H. Sakya Trizin, they come even after the teaching after 5pm (when the eye-camp was supposed to be closed), but because it’s our last day of the camp in this year, we accept the new registering until about 7pm. Until all the people with registering-numbers are checked and got glasses, it’s about 8.30pm, and we are all very tired, but happy.

Wednesday, 31.07.13 until Friday, 02.08.13: making new glasses
Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel, Kaza

During these days, we are all helping in making the individual adapted glasses: Dorjee Tsering and Ingrid are designing the shape of the frame on paper and on the new glass-lenses, then the glasses arecut along that shape and drag to the right form of the frame.

Also some of the students are helping, because there are over 50 pairs of glasses to be made.

We are lucky, because thanks to the teachings of the Rinpoche, the light is working most of the time!

After 6 days the eye-camp and the new-made glasses are done.
Dorjee Tsering and Ingrid Keller are planning another eye-camp in the same valley for next year, especially for those people, who would need an operation of cataract.
Nyingjay-Yul-Foundation is based in Dharamsala and organises free eye check-up camps and free distribution of eye glasses to old and needy Tibetanpeople in different Tibetan settlements all over India. We work under the guidance of home department of Tibetan government in exile, seeking permission and support to hold camps in Tibetansettlements.